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Uber Eats of cannabis’ plans opening in California City, bringing Silicon Valley mentality to marijuana delivery.

A company that has been described as the “Uber Eats for cannabis” hopes to deliver marijuana products to a market of 13 million people from a base in California City.

That company, Driven Deliveries Inc., is part of an influx of marijuana businesses that have received permits from the California City City Council to deliver cannabis throughout the region.

A total of 10 companies were granted permits for delivery. Two companies, Driven Deliveries and Royal Apothecary, were also granted a permit to open a storefront to sell cannabis products within California City as well as make deliveries.

Tyson Cannabis Ranch in Cal City, Kern County

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Pot shop alliance sues county

A confederation of local cannabis dispensaries has sued Kern County in federal court, alleging its ban on medical marijuana shops violates the group’s constitutional rights.

The lawsuit alleges the county’s enforcement of the ban violates the 14th Amendment, which gives citizens the right to due process.

“(The) Kern County board of supervisors are (sic) using department heads to commit unlawful closures and seizure of property at gunpoint without due process of law or equal protection under the law,” said Attorney Abraham Labbad, who said he is representing 10 Kern County dispensaries.

More Kern Cannabis Dispensaries Ordered to close

Special meeting held by Kern County Board of Planning Supervisors on Monday resulted in more cannabis dispensaries forced to close by end of the month. The Plum Tree Collective and Tanner Vest, both located in Rosamond, have been given orders to shut their doors by March 28. District 2 Supervisor Zack Scrivner put forth the proposal for the quick shutdown. “With the health and safety impacts on the Rosamond community, I am not going to uphold this appeal. In fact, I am going to make a motion that we require that this dispensary closes in 10 days from today,” Scrivner said.